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CRYPTOZOR is a Software System and Utilities - Safety Tools

OS SystemWindows
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CategorySafety Tools

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19/04/2014  :indie game jam show collapses due to interference from "pepsi consultant" ... source
18/04/2014  :future airline safety instructions will be given by game apps
... vrml (3027321) writes "They revealed the existence of their project only to aviation Safety specialists at the recent FAA Conference on Cabin Safety in Philadelphia (PDF). Now a team of Italian researchers from the HCI Lab of the University of Udine has publicly released the first in a set of aviation Safety apps on which they are working. Their mission is to propose novel, first-of-their-kind solutions to a well-known problem in aviation Safety: passengers lack preparedness about what to do in aircraft emergencies, and do not pay attention or do not clearly comprehend the pre-flight briefings and Safety cards used by airlines to instruct them about Safety. So the project is re-inventing Safety cards and briefings with new media, turning them into games and apps. The first game they decided to release focuses specifically on the 'Brace for impact' position: players can pos...