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22/04/2014  :data mining the web reveals what makes puzzles hard for humans
... KentuckyFC (1144503) writes "The question of what makes Puzzles hard for humans is deceptively tricky. One possibility is that Puzzles that are hard for computers must also be hard for people. That's undoubtedly true and in recent years computational complexity theorists have spent some time trying to classify the games people play in this way (Pac Man is NP hard, by the way). But humans don't always solve problems in the same way as computers because they don't necessarily pick the best method or even a good way to do it. And that makes it hard to predict the difficulty of a puzzle in advance. Cognitive psychologists have attempted to tease this apart by measuring how long it takes people to solve Puzzles and then creating a model of the problem solving process that explains the data. But the datasets gathered in this way have been tiny — typically 20 people playing a handful of Puzzle...